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This is the place to experiment and explore. It's really designed for people that are doing ok in life and want to explore what's really possible in life and business.

It's managed by Simon who has been exploring domains of knowledge for over 30 years and is an accomplished instructor, master teacher and more in areas as diverse as business and banking, ontology and communication, creativity and technology, meditation and martial arts.

You can learn more about Simon at

Today is your chance to join The Lab for a one-off payment.

The Lab operates by phone, web and when possible in the world with a primary base of operations in the UK and in collaboration with "sister" groups all over the world.


Rule One: Assume Nothing and Confirm Everything
Rule Two: Expect Nothing and Experience Everything


Don't believe anything anyone tells.. including and especially what we tell you.. :)


We recommend you have joined The Foxy Box Club and attended at least one live call with Simon or the other team from The Simple Idea before applying for The Lab.


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