Customer Avatars - Online Course

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Get specific for maximum growth

These days there’s barely an industry that isn’t crowded, which is why from a growth perspective it pays to be specific. Appeal directly to what your customers want, and they’ll stick with you for life.

In Customer Avatars, you’ll learn how to pinpoint your ideal customer, helping you to maximise your efforts. This could be the most valuable exercise you do this year.

What You'll Learn

In this 6 unit, 24 lesson module you’ll learn how to:

  • Define your ideal customer
  • Fine-tune avatars for greater focus
  • Engage with customers on a personal level
  • Apply avatars to the real world
  • And much more...

All courses are available online, with access 24/7/365. Learn at your pace and return anytime.

The Author

What’s worked for 20 years is now yours

For two decades, Growth Mechanics Founder, Simon Hedley, has been helping founders and small to multinational businesses in sustainable growth.

In plain English, that means helping founders lay the foundations for growth with tried and tested methods for identifying customers, building strategies and capitalising on analytics.

Course Breakdown
What's included in each unit of the course?

Welcome to the Course

  • Introducing Customer Avatars

  • About The Author

  • Outline and Objectives

Getting Started

  • Your Customer, Your Results
  • Everyone's an Avatar

  • The Origins of Everyone

  • Becoming UNstuck

  • Exercise: Your Objectives

Quickstart Avatar Creation

  • A Customer Avatar IS NOT
  • A Customer Avatar IS
  • Exercise: Quick Customer Avatar

Fine-Tuning Your Avatars

  • Pixels, Resolutions and Dimensions
  • There Can Be Only One?
  • Real-Life Example {Sarah}
  • Exercise: Your Ideal Customer

Theory Vs real-Life

  • Customer Avatar Dynamics
  • The Finer Details
  • Consistency Matters
  • Exercise: Customer Avatar x3

Putting Avatars to the Test

  • Testing Your Avatar
  • Minimum Viable Project
  • Exercise 1: Validate Your Avatars
  • Exercise 1: Validate Your Avatars (Stretch)

Avatars in the World

  • Other Peoples Avatars
  • Shared Knowledge

  • Connecting With Your Avatars

  • Reviewing Your Avatars

  • Exercise: Schedule Your Success

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work / is useful if I don’t have a business, don’t sell products ?

Yes, learning about Customer Avatars is useful whether you are already in business or not.

As the course provides different perspectives and distinctions, people have also found the course contents interesting and useful in ways that don’t relate to sales and business.

Customer Avatars is principles based so is much more than simply a “tactical” course.

Understanding this key first step in the drivers of growth can be very useful whether you’re looking to make your first steps into creating a new startup, developing a venture/minimum viable product, working on and in an SME, a large corporation or multi-national.

Do I need to complete other modules to benefit from this course?

Well let's be honest, you can probably find any information that you want to online, but it doesn't mean that it's going to be easy and it's definitely not always true or from a trusted source. In fact, there is a lot of completely false information circulating out their about how you should be using Customer Avatars for your business.

How long will it take to master this course and content ?

This depends on the speed at which you go through the course, complete the exercises, and the level of investment of energy, time and focus you put in. Your unique skills and experiences, learning style and approaches will clearly play a factor in how quickly and how effectively you learn and master the course content.

Like many of the simplest and most profound principles and ideas, they can take a lifetime to really master. Each time you apply them, get feedback and review what you’ve learnt you will likely find deeper distinctions and understandings. People have noticed that when they re-review the material there is a lot more depth than they noticed the first time doing the course.

The course was created by people who have trained trainers and developed advanced training methods designed to transfer skills quickly and effectively. Becasue of this most people pick up the simple ideas at the heart of the Customer Avatars course over a few days and weeks.

What results can I expect from the course?

We actually ask you to come to the course with a beginners mind and not have expectations. This is an usual statement and a very professional mindset to take. The biggest challenge with most business courses is people setup false expectations.. e.g. If I do this course then I will make a million pounds in a day.. These kinds of expectations are unrealistic and in life and business there are few “certainties”.

People who do the course and apply it have in general said they’ve gotten value and got results, however clearly the results you get will be a function of your skills and experience coming into the course and how you apply what you learn and take on the exercises.

This is also why we the investment for this module is low and not in the thousands that we have been paid often over the years for hours of our consulting. 

After completing this course you will be clear about what customer avatars are and know how to create them for yourself and any other venture you work with.

Is this worth the money?

Let me ask you this: how valuable is your time?

This course can easily save you weeks (if not months) of time researching and learning how to use Customer Avatars for business; not to mention a lot of missed revenue.

For many business owners just 1 new ideal customer will more than cover the cost of the course.

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